A hidden cultural treasure:

Cave paintings
in Baja.

8000 years ago, Baja's early inhabitants had a very special relationship with their environment.

They perceived mystic forces in plants and animals that shaped a complex equilibrium between humans and their beautiful but harsh surroundings.

They felt the need to portray their cosmovision through art. And they did so, in over 1200 known cave paintings sites in Baja's central region, a 43% of the total cave art sites found in Mexico.

Their unique cave painting style

has come to be known as the «Great Mural» tradition. Awe-inspiring due to their dimensions, beautiful renderings show dynamic interactions between animals, plants, shamans and mysterious fantastic beings.

Experience the outstanding prehistoric treasure of Baja’s cave paintings, a unique window to the earliest art expressions in America.

The Road

Getting there is part of the adventure. An Off-Road drive through the semi-arid desert will give you a close look of the “Ranchos” where modern day inhabitants live, some of their families dating back to the early Spanish settlers. Afterwards, a hike through a beautiful and lush mountain trail will give you the time to imagine how life was 8000 years ago around this magical place.

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