Baja Sur Luxury Adventure Tours

Baja Sur Adventure Tours


A unique luxury travel through Baja’s best kept secrets.


Travel Baja Sur Adventure Tour.

A luxury adventure tour from 8000 year old cave paintings, to 325 year old Spanish missions, and pristine beaches with the most amazing marine wonders in the world.

A unique 10 days luxury travel adventure experience.

Baja Sur Luxury Tour

Experience Baja Sur new Adventure Route.

A journey that will take you from the comfort of luxury traditional accomodations, to witness the marine wonders of what famed oceanologist Jeacques Custeau called «the world’s aquarium», including the majestic migration of the blue whale. From a trail between the mountains to find millenary cave paintings, to a stand-up paddle sunset in a pristine beach.


Stay at small luxury hotels, gorgeous glampings on the beach, chalets on the Sierra, and a ranch under the most amazing starry nights.


Experience adventure activities in the most amazing natural scenarios: whale watching, sand razors, diving in the «world’s aquarium», mountain bike on beach side trails, surf the longest wave, and much more.


Hike a spectacular trail to millenary cave paintings. Explore antique Spanish missions. Taste the amazing experience of the Clams Tour. Experience the charm and hospitality of Baja Sur magical towns.


We selected for you a variety of gastronomical experiences. Fine dinning in amazing locations. Fresh from the sea clams. Organic farms. Local markets. And when it comes to fresh fish and traditional burritos, you can’t go wrong in Baja.

Starting at usd$3,200 per adult.

Stop Cities

Discover Baja’s best kept secrets. Experience the charm and hospitality of Baja Sur magical towns.

Surrounded by the most magnificent Marine life.

Amuse yourself as we take you through one of the world’s last frontiers. An amazing diary of future memories.

Whale Watching in Baja Sur.

Our Gentle Giants. A true wonder, a majestic display of nature, wild life, leisure and beauty. There’s certain romance when you fall in love with the world you live in.

10 days for the most extraordinary travel in time

Cave paintings in Baja.

Awe-inspiring due to their dimensions, beautiful renderings show dynamic interactions between animals, plants, shamans and mysterious fantastic beings. Getting there is part of the adventure.

Experience the outstanding prehistoric treasure of Baja’s cave paintings, a unique window to the earliest art expressions in America.

About Us

After many years of experience serving the Baja Sur touristic industry, the BAJA BACKSTAGE team joined the State Tourism Bureau into what was to become our most ambitious project to date: the development of a new concept in adventure travel.

The result was BAJA SUR newest luxury travel experience, an immersion journey into Baja’s best kept secrets. An experience designed  under our values of quality service, respect to diversity, to the environment and to the local economy.

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